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Digital transformation programme

How would you like to communicate with us?

We want to improve the way we communicate with our patients by making it easier, more effective and faster for our services and patients to communicate with each other. In the coming months and years the Trust would like to change how it communicates with patients, by using mobile phones, tablets or computers and online services to provide information to patients about their healthcare.

Before we develop any new systems, it is important for us to understand the views of our patients. For example, we have previously tested a service that allows patients to view their letters online and we want to improve how it works. We also want to make sure that any new system is easy for you and your families and carers to use when communicating with the hospital about your healthcare appointments.

We also want to be sure that the information we send to patients via text messages, the internet or email are written in a way that you and your families and carers can understand.

We know that people have different communications needs and preferences. This is particularly important for people who may not have access to or feel less confident using mobile phones and the internet, so we want to make sure we consider this in more detail.

How your support and involvement will help us

By taking part you can help us to develop new communication systems that meet the needs of the many patients we serve. Your responses will be treated confidentially and any comments you make will not be attributed to you or anyone else who supports you to take part.

We would like to understand your views about:

  • our plans to use mobile phones and online communication to send and receive information to patients about their healthcare
  • any recent experiences you have of communicating with us using mobile phones, smart phones and online communications or other means that you normally prefer or have experience of
  • how we can continue to communicate easily and effectively with patients who may not have access to or who feel less confident using mobile phones and the internet to send and receive information.

Please fill out this form to register your interest in the digital transformation project and receive updates on how you can get involved.