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Payments to our suppliers

Every month we publish a list of all the payments we make to companies and individuals who provide us with goods and services.

These spending reports show who we paid and how much, and are part of our commitment to being open and honest about our finances.

We are also expected to be a good customer by paying our bills on time, as part of our contribution to supporting a healthy economy.

Monthly spending reports

The reports are available as comma delimited format (CSV), which means they can be easily read in a variety of applications. They are listed by year and month below.

The CSV format uses a standard column width, so some entries may not be completely visible. To expand the columns, select all the cells by clicking on the grey box beside column A and above row 1, then from the menu click on Format / Column / AutoFit Selection.

This data is freely re-usable under the same terms as

Questions about the reports?

Please contact us using the details on the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act page.