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Our vision and values

Our vision is to advance health and wellbeing, as a local, national and international leader in clinical care, education and research.

To help us achieve this, we are an organisation that is underpinned by strong values, developed in consultation with our staff.

Showing we care video

Find out what our values mean to our staff.

  • Our values – showing we care – video transcript

    Porter: Patients first, is the key value everything has to be centred around the patient,everything has to be centred around the public and in such a big institution it can be difficult, but they come first.

    Ward manager: It's really important that I have a daily meaningful conversation with patients, to actually get to know them beyond just the day to day conversation that we might have.

    Radiographer: Taking the time to kind of just take a step back and think actually this patient's a bit nervous, spend a little bit of time with them explaining the procedure, talking them through it.

    Chef: I do everything for them whatever they ask me, I go and see them,I talk to them and they tell me what they like to eat and don't like to eat, or they're upset about something, and I try to help as much as I can.

    Patient: And they're really nice people as well, so they don't just sit there and say 'oh you've got this or you've got that'. They try to make a laugh out of it to make you feel a bit more welcome and it makes it feel like a home, like a second home.

    Chairman Sir Hugh Taylor: I think I have one of the best jobs in the NHS. I feel like I'm bursting with pride every minute of every day and I hope I communicate that to people by wearing a smile on my face and then doing the job that I have as professionally as I can.

    Community physiotherapist: Being really enthusiastic and showing I love my job, it shows the patients we really do care.

    Midwife: I love being a midwife and the job satisfaction then comes from looking at the women and their families faces when they hold their newborn baby.

    Clinical nurse specialist: It is very rewarding when I come back the next day to find the patient who came in on a stretcher sitting up in bed, you know, having a cup of tea, it's just fantastic.

    Medical director: I've seen over time how important to all of our staff the care of our patients is. That gives me incredible pride in what we do as an organisation.

    Volunteer: You only get back from people what you give to them so if you don't give them respect you won't get it back.

    Language support manager: There's over 200 languages spoken just in Southwark and Lambeth. So we need to be able to respect the diversity of our culture, to provide information and services in an accessible way.

    Junior doctor: We try and give patients privacy, we try and make sure that we interact with them very privately using siderooms, using curtains, and I think that's very important.

    Ward clerk supervisor: Minimising your screen when you're away from your desk so the patient's details are not visible to other members of staff or visitors.

    Community matron: I always like to find out what they would like to be called, whether it's the staff or the patients because it makes a real big difference.

    Community midwife: We work hard to improve. We are learning every day and we set a very high standard of goals for our team.

    Staff nurse: We're very open to constructive feedback, some people may view feedback as a self-criticism or a negative but it's not, it really does help you to improve.

    Language support manager: To be able to always push the boundaries, to see what else we can come up with to support patients.

    Surgeon: The way that we ensure we're providing really high standards of care is by auditing what we're doing, we look at what we're doing, we compare it to what others doing and then we publish our data, and I think we're very proud of what we've achieved here.

    Chairman, Sir Hugh Taylor: If we get the best staff and they're happy then that's the best possible thing for all our patients.

    Patient: And that's why this hospital is a good one, it looks after its staff and they look after their patients.

    Ward manager: Integrity is really important to me, it's about providing the best care whether someone's watching or not.

    Ward clerk supervisor: Addressing the problems and focusing on not who is right but what is right.

    Clinical nurse specialist: If I start on something I make sure I see it right through to the end.

    Receptionist: It means that you give your word you keep your word. People can trust you, people can rely on you.

    Physoptherapist: At times I have to do treatments that are particularly uncomfortable, so I have to be open and honest with the patient, explaining the treatments that I want to do for them to be able to trust me that this is the best thing for them.

    Porter: So you have to be your own manager, you have to maintain the standards without somebody standing next to you cracking the whip and it's important because wherever the patients are, they deserve the same high standards.

    Staff nurse: To care for patients in a way in which I myself would want to be treated or expect and in a way that I would want my mother to to be treated or any member of my family and I think by working like that and having that philosophy you won't go far wrong.


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