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Foot (podiatry) surgery referrals

Community foot surgery services based in Brixton 

Referral contacts

  • Who can refer 

    We accept referrals from podiatrists, GPs, consultants, pre-admission clinics, nurse specialists, therapists and social workers.

    Our team provides pre-operative assessment for patients with foot pathology or functional foot problems. Patients are optimised for local anaesthetic and surgery. The team then follows the patient through the surgical admission, addressing medical support such as glucose monitoring for people with diabetes and DVT prophylaxis for people at risk from blood clots.

  • How to refer

    To refer a patient, please complete our referral form (Word 35Kb) and post or email it to the contacts at the top of this page.

  • Who to refer

    We accept referrals for adults over 18 years of age who have:

    • foot pathology
    • foot arthritis
    • neuroma
    • ganglions
    • bunions
    • hallux valgus
    • hammer toes
    • claw toes
    • flat feet
    • Achilles’ tendonopathy
    • heel spurs
    • plantar fasciitis
    • healthy ASA 1 or ASA 2 grade
    • well controlled diabetes
    • controlled hypertension
    • stable rheumatologic disorders
    • a relative or friend to provide support for them at home at least five to seven days post-operatively.
  • Who not to refer

    We cannot accept referrals for:

    • children
    • ASA 3 grade patients (or below)
    • uncontrolled diabetes
    • acute rheumatologic disorders
    • ischaemic heart disease (history of myocardial infarction, unstable angina, abnormal ECGs)
    • heart failure
    • uncontrolled hypertension (blood pressure above 160/100)
    • cerebrovascular disease
    • chronic lung disease
    • memory problems, history of confusion or known dementia
    • poor nutritional status
    • had two or more falls in the past year

    or those who:

    • live alone with no relative or friend to provide post-operative support at home.
    • need assistance with daily activities
    • are likely to require a complex discharge package
    • are to have surgery deferred due to other, more pressing health issues.
  • Urgent / two week wait referrals

    Urgent referrals to not apply to this service. We treat ASA grade 1 and grade 2 patients who are healthy, but have a foot deformity or problem. Foot surgery is performed at the request of the patient after an informed consent process based on diagnosis and a fully informed post-operative care process.

    The department of podiatric surgery does not deal with urgent foot trauma. Please refer these cases to A&E.