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Working with our patients



Our patients, their friends and family work side by side with our staff, to shape our services and the places they receive their care.

Caring together

People like you help us make decisions about many aspects of care.

Patients help to shape our services by telling us about their own experiences and how they would like to make things better for future patients. For example, in the new Cancer Centre, patients were involved in every aspect from choosing the architects to the types of chairs for the new chemotherapy treatment areas.

Watch a video to find out how patients and carers helped to design our new Cancer Centre at Guy's.

  • Involving patients in our new Cancer Centre – video transcript

    [Text] At Guy’s and St Thomas’ patients work alongside staff to improve cancer services.

    Lesley, patient representative: I was a cancer patient so I'm kind of interested in the disease and treatment and how it can be improved

    [Text] Patients and staff meet regularly to exchange views and share ideas.

    David, patient representative: I have advanced prostate cancer and it's a constant battle for me and my health.

    Des, former theatre nurse: It's only patient, the patient knows what they're going through, how they feel.

    Lesley: Patients have a huge part to play in the development of services at all levels.

    [Text] Patients see their ideas transformed into better healthcare.

    Des: Being on the patient group can change things for the better.

    Dr Majid Kazmi, clinical director: As a doctor, over many years I've realised that we make a lot of assumptions about services that we offer patients and although they are always well intentioned it's not always what the patients need and what they are actually asking for. And that's why we created the patient reference group where it's not just about listening to patients, but it's actually patients making real decisions about what happens to them.

    David Cheeseman, programme director: I've worked in many other organisations where they often just pay lip service to the views of patients they really are an equal partner and have just as much say in the way that we develop our and plan our services as say, consultants or senior nurses or managers. They really are there on an equal footing.

    Catherine Dale, programme manager: When it came to planning the Cancer Centre, patients were always going to have a really influential role in how the building and services were designed.

    Karen Sorensen, patient representative: Before you were a patient you had all sorts of other skills. So a lot of the people that come to the group bring things that they've done from past lives. A lot of them have a lot of experience.

    David, patient representative: I was involved with the new hospital at the start when all the drawings were brought out. I used to be a project engineer so it was all quite easy for me and it's nice to see it all develop.

    [Text] Patients have achieved many positive changes.

    Amy Mills, sister, cancer day unit: It's really important for us to feel like the patients have had an influence, a positive influence on the environment they're being treated in.

    Catherine: This has had a concrete impact on the care we provide. I'd love to see this sort of work happen more widely across healthcare.

    Karen: My treatment was amazing and to be able to give something back so that it's a patient friendly place to be treated and to work is hopefully going to be fantastic

    Lesley: I think we work with the people delivering the service to actually make the service better. Both for the patient but I also think for the staff as well.


Designed in partnership

Our patients tell us how our hospitals, clinics and wards feel and how we could make them better.


Patients have been at the heart of planning our new Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital. 

Patients helped us develop a centre that is calm, uplifting and well planned. The Patient Reference Group for the Cancer Centre has been involved in the design of the building, the location of services and the art works that feature throughout the Centre. The group has been recognised nationally for its work.

For example, they asked us to put the radiotherapy suite – traditionally found in the basement because the room needs a protective lining – on a higher floor. We found a way to do it. Now our patients have a light and bright environment where they receive treatment.

You tell us that these details make a real difference to your experience of care.

David Cheesman, Director of the King’s Health Partners Integrated Cancer Centre, said: “these patients are making a genuine, tangible difference to the development of the Cancer Centre at Guy’s.”


Listening and learning from you help us to keep improving. We welcome your feedback (both positive and negative), embracing change, and challenging ourselves to do better.

Contact us if you would like to get involved in the work of Guy's Cancer.


Patients, their friends and family find lots of ways to raise money and support Guy’s Cancer. Whether you want to organise a bake sale or take on a three peaks challenge, our fundraising team can help you every step of the way.

Support the Cancer Centre appeal.


Every year, more than 1,500 of our cancer patients decide to take part in clinical trials that could speed up our search for better treatments and, ultimately, to cure cancer.

Find out more about our cancer research and clinical trials.