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Villages at the Cancer Centre

The Cancer Centre is divided into individual villages


Bringing together Cancer Services

The Cancer Centre brings together many services under one roof. The centre is divided into individual villages rather than traditional floors. Each of these villages is dedicated to a different element of cancer care.

Finding your appointment

Villages cover two or three levels within the building.

Use the main lifts from the ground floor to get to each village. Use the village lifts and stairs to go between the levels of each village.

You can get to outside spaces from every village of the building.

Watch a video about finding your way around

  • Finding your way around the Cancer Centre at Guy's – video transcript

    The Cancer Centre at Guy's is arranged in villages which cluster together common areas of treatment to enable patients to find their way around the building more easily. They are all colour-coded separately. So starting from the ground level, you have the Welcome village - those two levels are colour-coded red. In radiotherapy, three levels are colour-coded orange. Above that you have outpatients, they have two levels, they're colour-coded yellow, and finally the chemotherapy two levels, and the innovation hub level above them, they're all colour-coded green.




Finding your way around the Cancer Centre

Map of the cancer Centre at Guy's

Download our map of the Cancer Centre (PDF 116Kb) or use our interactive map of the Cancer Centre (PDF 1Mb) to find your way around.

Learn more about the Cancer Centre

Download our Cancer Centre welcome booklet (PDF 3.38Mb)

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Cancer Centre at Guy's

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