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Structural intervention team

Minimally invasive procedures to treat your heart condition

Our structral intervention service is supported by a number of highly qualified consultants and other dedicated staff. Find out more about our teams.

Aortic stenosis (transcatheter aortic valve implantation)

Leads: Professor Bernard Prendergast, Professor Simon Redwood

Team: Mr Chris Young, Mr Chris Young, Mr Gianluca Lucchese, Dr Tiffany Patterson, Dr Julia Grapsa, Dr Jane Hancock, Professor Ronak Rajani, Sister Karen Wilson, Gemma Beilby, Amber Sutton, Megan Tinsley

Mitral regurgitation (transcatheter mitral valve replacement)

Lead: Professor Simon Redwood, Professor Ronak Rajani

Team: Professor Bernard Prendergast, Professor Simon Redwood, Dr Julia Grapsa, Mr Vassilios Avlonitis, Mr Gianluca Lucchesei, Mr Christopher Blauth

Patent foramen ovalve (patent foramen ovale closure)

Lead: Dr Brian Clapp

Team: Dr Natali Chung, Dr Yaso Emmanuel

Paravalvular leaks (paravalvular occlusion service)

Lead: Professor Shakeel Qureshi

Team: Dr Stam Kapetanakis, Dr Matt Jones, Professor Ronak Rajani

Atrial fibrillation and inability to take blood thinning agents (left atrial appendage occlusion)

Leads: Dr Brian Clapp, Professor Jas Gill

Team: Dr Brian Clapp, Professor Jas Gill, Dr Stam Kapetanakis, NCM John Moule

Complex acquired and congenital lesions (e.g. aortic and ventricular pseudoaneurysms and coronary fistulas)

Lead: Professor Shakeel Qureshi

Team: Professor Shakeel Qureshi, Dr Gareth Morgan, Dr Stam Kapetanakis, Professor Ronak Rajani