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Cardiovascular team

Treating problems of the heart or blood vessels

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update and advice

We know that this is a concerning time for lots of people. Throughout the coronavirus situation, we remain committed to providing you and your family the best, and safest, care possible.

We are changing how we work in the cardiovascular team, so that we can continue providing the best care possible for current and new patients, both in and out of our hospital. These changes are designed to help keep everyone as safe.

Please see our frequently asked questions and the links below for further details on changes we are making, and contact details for your clinical team.


General manager: Robin Firth
Head of nursing: Carol McCoskery
Deputy general manager cardiology: Alex Terry
Deputy general manager cardiac and vascular surgery: Aaron Horner

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced.

We have strong teams of:

  • consultant cardiologists (heart specialists)
  • cardiac surgeons
  • vascular surgeons (artery and vein specialists)
  • specialist nurses and technicians trained in cardiac and vascular care
  • specialist radiographers trained in using radiation to produce images of the body and heart
  • perfusionists who manage the heart lung machine during heart surgery
  • researchers, including doctors, nurses and scientists who help to find new treatments.

Team members are listed under each cardiovascular specialty.