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Your @home services care

Bringing hospital care to your home

The @home service

Tel: 020 3049 5751

If you become unwell whilst under the @home team's care, please call us on 020 3049 5751 between 8am and 11pm. We will assess you and make sure that you are getting the right care at home, or in hospital if necessary. If you become unwell outside of these hours, please contact SELDOC on 020 8693 9066.

  • How do I get referred?

    You must live in Lambeth or Southwark and be registered with a GP practice within the Lambeth or Southwark boroughs. Your GP will refer your to the service.

    Once you are referred, a member of the @home team will visit you at home to carry out an assessment and discuss the care that you need. If you are still in hospital, the team will visit you on the ward. A clinical coordinator will be assigned to your care. They will be responsible for making sure that you receive the right care from the right person and at the right time.

    Upon discharge we will contact your GP to explain that you have been cared for by the @home team. However they will receive regular updates about your care, including any changes to medicines that you are taking.

  • Why have I been referred?

    You have been referred to the @home team because:

    • we can help you stay as well as possible in your home, so that you can avoid having to go into hospital unnecessarily
    • you have just had a medical procedure in hospital but need further nursing care or therapy, which can be best provided by the @home team in the comfort of your own home.
  • What can I expect?

    • Daily clinical reviews and interventions as required.
    • Pharmacy review of your medications to ensure you have the right medicines.
    • Social worker assessments and referrals if necessary.
    • Liaisons with relevant specialist teams if required.
    • Referral to relevant services who will follow-up your care once you have been discharged.

    Once you've been discharged, a letter will be sent to your GP summarising the care you have received.


Mobile: 07909 892 053 (8pm-8am)

If you have been referred to the pal@home team you can contact them between 8pm and 8am if you require any assistance during the night.

Please note you are unable to leave a message on the pal@home mobile. This phone is only turned on between 8pm-8am, if the line is busy please call back. If you require assistance between 8am-8pm, please call the team who provides your care during the day. This may be your GP, community nursing team or specialist palliative care team. 

  • How do I get referred?

    Pal@home takes referrals from specialist palliative care teams, the community end of life team and the @home team. If you are known to these teams and you would like to be referred to the pal@home service, please speak to the appropriate team who can help support this process.

  • Why have I been referred?

    Pal@home provides care at home to patients with advanced illness who have palliative or end of life care needs and require an urgent response or enhanced continuity of care outside of core hours.

    We can help you stay at home instead of being admitted to hospital. Our nursing team can visit, be available by telephone and work with on-call GPs and specialist clinicians to deliver safe, high quality nursing care and family support in your own home.

    The team also supports advanced discharge from hospital so you can be transferred home more promptly.

    Pal@home complements the work of district nursing, the @home service and specialist palliative care (SPC) teams. 

    Your GP (and district nurse) will retain overall clinical responsibility of your care and the specialist palliative care teams remain available for support and advice.

  • What can I expect?

    Once a referral has been accepted, a member of the team will contact you or your carer during pal@home service hours to arrange a visit and discuss care needs and any concerns.

    A senior staff nurse will be responsible for making sure the right care is given at the right time. The following day care will be continued by the usual ‘in hour’s team’ and if needed a further request for pal@home will be made by the day teams for the following night.







The @home service
Tel: 020 3049 5751

Pal@home service
Tel: 07909 892 053 (8pm-8am)