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Community @home services referrals


The @home referral contacts

Tel: 020 3049 5751 (between 8am and 8pm). 

Referrals can be made between 8am and 8pm (by 6pm for same day admission), seven days a week. This telephone number is for referrals to the @home service across Lambeth and Southwark.

Once your patient has been accepted, please email a medical summary of your patient as soon as possible to This information will help us before visiting the patient.

If you are referring from King’s College Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital or Guy’s Hospital you can use EPR to complete a referral. Please note that your referral will not be considered as accepted until you have had a conversation with the triage clinician on the above number. 

  • Who to refer

    The patient should meet the following criteria:

    • aged 18 years and over
    • resident of Lambeth or Southwark and registered with a GP practice within these boroughs
    • entitled to receive NHS services.
  • @home referral criteria

    Patients can be treated @home for the following:

    • falls
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • unstable diabetes
    • dehydration
    • palliative care
    • gastroenteritis
    • acquired pneumonia
    • heart failure
    • renal failure
    • deep vein thrombosis
    • infected foot ulcers
    • post-operative surgery
    • urinary tract infection.
  • @home exclusion criteria

    Patients can't be referred to @home if they:

    • are under the age of 18
    • have unresolved alcohol or substance misuse issues
    • have acute severe mental health problems
    • do not meet the referral critera.

Pal@home referral contacts

Tel: 020 3049 5751

Email addresses (include both): and

Planned referrals can be made by the appropriate referring team via email. Please use the referral spreadsheet template that was sent to you.

Once an email has been sent the referrer is responsible for conducting a telephone call to the unified point of access clinician (UPA) to ensure the clinical information has been received.

Planned referrals for admission to the pal@home service for the same day intervention should be emailed to and by 4pm, along with the pal@home referral spreadsheet.

Urgent referrals or urgent clinical updates regarding patients can be taken after 4pm until 8pm. This information should be sent via email to and

Once an email has been sent the referrer is responsible for conducting a telephone call to the unified point of access clinician (UPA) to ensure the clinical information has been received.

If further discussion is needed for complex patients, please discuss with the @home unified point of access clinician between the hours of 8am-8pm. After 8pm, please contact the pal@home nurse who is on duty until 8am on 07909 892 053.

Unplanned referrals will be accepted depending on patient need and service capacity.

  • Pal@home referral criteria

    • Nursing support and monitoring during the hours of 8pm-8am for urgent needs requiring intervention overnight.
    • A deteriorating patient; with an assessed palliative/end of life care need with a clear plan of care.
    • Symptom management or monitoring (including anticipatory, injectable medications and titration).
    • Clinical emergency for patients identified to have palliative/end of life care needs.
    • Patient or carer support.
    • Imminent death/post-death support.
    • IV therapy, including PICC and Hickman lines.
    • Subcutaneous fluid administration.
    • Other clinical emergency eg blocked catheter that can be resolved by pal@home.
    • Patients referred by specialist palliative care or the end of life community team. Patients must reside in either Lambeth or Southwark.
    • Patients must have been seen by the referring team within the last 24 hours prior to referral.
    • Patients who are known to Guy's and St Thomas' palliative care community team can refer themselves directly via switchboard (020 7188 7188) from 8pm-8am.
    • Urgent DN referrals between 8-11pm. Patients must be both registered with a GP and reside in either Lambeth or Southwark.




Referral contact

Tel: 020 3049 5751 (between 8am and 11pm)

Out of hours: please call 020 8693 9066

Enquiries: 020 3049 8620