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Cutaneous allergy clinics



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Clinic location


Cutaneous allergy clinics

Name of clinicDayTime
Contact dermatitis (cutaneous allergy) Monday 2pm - 5pm


2pm - 5pm
Friday 2pm - 5pm

How do I get an appointment?

Patients are most commonly referred from dermatology services (adult and children's) within Guy's and St Thomas'. Patients can also be referred from elsewhere in the UK where this specialist service or expertise is not provided locally.

Download the patch testing patient information leaflet (PDF 491KB) for more information about your appointment.

  • Changing or cancelling your appointment 

    Please telephone 020 7188 8884 (and select option 2).

  • Before your appointment 

    Please bring anything that you feel aggravates your condition, as well as anything you use regularly on your skin, e.g. toiletries, skin care products, cosmetics and medicines.

    If you are unable to bring any samples with you, please write a list. You should include anything prescribed by your doctor, or bought at a pharmacy.

    If you think a substance at your place of work may be aggravating your skin, try to bring a small sample of this. If possible, include the trade name, chemical composition and material safety data sheet (MSDS). All employers should make the MSDS available for you upon request.

    Note: as tests are usually applied to the upper back, you will need to keep this area dry for the duration of the tests. Wear an old t-shirt as the test substances and markers may stain the fabric. Strenuous exercise and swimming will not be possible for the duration of the tests.

  • What to expect at your appointment 

    You will usually need to attend three times. It is important that you attend all three appointments. On the first visit, a doctor will take a history, examine you and then decide which tests are needed.

    A nurse will then prepare the tests and apply a series of small aluminium discs under hypoallergenic tape, usually onto your back. You will need to keep the tapes on your skin until the next visit (usually for two days). They will be removed at this visit and any reactions will be noted.

    This procedure may be repeated. On the third visit, we will examine your back again and the doctor will discuss any reactions with you. 

  • After your appointment 

    After your last visit, the doctor will write to the doctor who referred you and also send a copy to both you and your GP. We will give you the results of your tests and advise on any course of action to be taken. Follow-up. if needed, will usually be with the referring doctor.

    Rarely, a reaction may develop 10 or more days after the tests. In the event that such a late reaction develops, please telephone the clinic on the number at the top of this page.


Patient information leaflet

Download Patch testing (PDF 491KB)

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