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Cataract surgery

Information about cataract surgery

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About your cataract surgery

  • Having cataract surgery – video transcript

    Patient: Before the operation, I noticed that things were getting dimmer, blurred and yellowish. When the word 'cataract' was mentioned I thought they can correct that, I'm sure they can correct that. So I was a little bit relieved at the time. The three months before my operation, it started to progress really fast and it got really scary, I just then thought, get me sorted. On the day of the surgery, I took my tablets as normal and I came to the eye department at St Thomas'. 

    Nurse: Hello, is this Mrs Bagnall? Good afternoon. 

    Patient: A nurse did some checks to make sure it could all go ahead. I met the surgeon. 

    Surgeon: Are you happy with that? 

    Patient: I am.

    Surgeon: Lovely, OK. Thank you, lovely. And then just keep looking straight ahead. 

    Patient: The nurse brought me into the operating theatre. They used lots of drops to numb my eye, it stung a bit but it wasn't too bad. They told me if I wanted to move or cough, I had to warn the surgeon. They put a drape over my face and then a clip to stop me blinking. It was a bit uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. 

    Surgeon: Keep your head really still for me.  

    Patient: They streamed water over my eye, they told me to look into the light for the whole operation. 

    Surgeon: You're staying really still for me, that's great. 

    Patient: All I could see was lights and shadows.

    Surgeon: OK, lovely, so the cataract's out now, I'm just going to get it ready for the new lens.  

    Patient: When I was in theatre, I felt the pressure but I didn't feel any pain. I was quite surprised and then everything stopped and it's like, is that it? After the operation they put a shield over my eye. I had a rest, then they showed me how to care for my eye and we booked in my next appointment.

    I expected to have some pain but everything was normal and I still can't believe how quick and how good it is. Today my eyesight is worse close up but as long as I wear reading glasses I'm fine. Other than that, my vision is great. So very, very happy, I'm very happy I did this. 


This video shows a patient's experience of having cataract surgery at St Thomas' Hospital. Please also read your guide to cataract surgery information leaflet (PDF 150Kb) for more information about the operation.

Visit the NHS website for an overview of cataracts and information about recovery after cataract surgery.

  • Symptoms

    • Blurred vision in one or both eyes
    • Glare
  • Treatment

    Cataract surgery is necessary to improve blurred vision caused by cataracts.

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    We accept referrals from your local optician and from other eye departments or eye specialists.

  • Research

    We have an active research department and we participate in a number of clinical trials. Speak to our team to find out more.

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    Our team is made up of:

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