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General haematology services


Patient having a venesection

General haematology deals with a wide variety of conditions, including disorders such as:

  • anaemia (low haemoglobin)
  • high haemoglobin (polycythaemia)
  • low and high white cell counts
  • iron overload (haemachromatosis)
  • high and low platelets.

Our service

We are a national referral centre for patients with high haemoglobin (PCV/Hct > 0.51 in men, >0.48 in women) for which our nurses run a venesection (process which involves taking a pint of blood) service.

We also provide care for gastroenterology patients who have conditions such as haemachromatosis and anaemia caused by certain bowel disorders.

  • Appointments

    Your general haematology appointment will be in one of our clinics.



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