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Antiphospholipid antibody markers


Assays in profile

IgG, IgM & IgA Anticardiolipin antibodies.
(IgG and IgM anti-beta2-glycoprotein 1 antibodies are available by special arrangement)

Lupus anticoagulant screening by:

  • DRVVT confirmatory test (if indicated)
  • DRVVT mixing studies (if indicated)
  • dAPTT
  • dAPTT confirmatory test (if indicated)  dAPTT mixing studies (if indicated)

All samples negative by DRVVT and dAPTT will receive:

  • ASLA
  • ASLA confirmatory test (if indicated)
  • ASLA mixing studies (if indicated)

Samples from patients receiving oral anticoagulation additionally receive:

  • TSVT
  • Ecarin time (ET) if indicated
  • TSVT and ET mixing studies (if indicated)

Lupus anticoagulant results are reported with a laboratory interpretation of the data.


Results are normally available within 14 days and can be found on the RRS/EPR systems for internal Trust service users.

External users may contact the laboratory for information regarding result progress.


Antiphospholipid markers are available during routine hours. Requests for urgent results or tests out of routine hours must be directed to a consultant of the Centre for Haemostasis and Thrombosis.

Sample requirements

Serum (yellow top tube)
Citrate (blue top tube)

One 5ml non-anticoagulated serum sample for Anticardiolipin antibody testing.

Two citrated samples for Lupus anticoagulant screening.


Please call 020 7188 2797, Monday to Friday, 9am-5.15pm.