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Nutristasis laboratory services



  • Nutristasis Unit
    4th floor, North Wing
    St Thomas' Hospital
    Westminster Bridge Road
    London SE1 7EH

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Advice is available from the laboratory Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Sample transit and delivery address

Samples for Vitamin K, Vitamin K Epoxide, Superwarfarin, Warfarin, Warfarin Enantiomers and PIVKA can be sent by post.

Postal requests for Homocysteine, Methylmalonic acid, Tetrahydrofolate and 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate should be sent on ice.

Current postal regulations can be found in the leaflet "Prohibited and Restricted Goods", Ref. RMN/15/93/B and "Handy guide to inland services", Ref-RMND05/98/A5.

Samples should be sent to:
Dominic Harrington
The Haemostasis and Thrombosis Centre
1st floor, North Wing
St Thomas’ Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH

Laboratory staff contacts

For advice on any of the analytes below, please contact: 

Dr Agata Malefora
Tel: 020 7188 6816

For Vitamin K1, vitamin K1, 2-3 epoxide, PIVKA II, Warfarin and Superwarfarin: 
Dr Martin Shearer
Tel: 020 7188 2801


For more information on tests, please visit the Viapath website.



Tel: 0207188 6815


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