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Maternity specialist clinics


The Hypertension in Pregnancy (HiP) clinic provides specialist obstetric and midwifery care to pregnant women with high blood pressure.Coronavirus update and advice

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please read our advice and information about changes to our maternity services.

Our clinics

We offer a number of specialist clinics for mothers. All of these are held at St Thomas' Hospital.

  • Our preterm surveillance clinic aims to provide extra care for women who may have a higher risk of having a baby born too early.
  • Our hypertension-in-pregnancy clinic provides specialist obstetric and midwifery care to pregnant women with high blood pressure and women who are at high risk of having high blood pressure in pregnancy.
  • We have a specialist clinic for women with medical conditions and those that have had problems in previous pregnancies.
  • Our one stop breech clinic is for women who have a baby presenting in breech (bottom first) at 36 weeks gestation.
  • Our birth options after previous caesarean section clinic (VBAC clinic) is for women who had a previous caesarean section to discuss birth options.
  • Our debrief-birth reflection clinic is for women who require a debrief on their previous birth experience.
  • Our individualised care planning clinic is for pregnant women to discuss alternative birth options and/or wish to deliver in the low risk midwifery unit despite pre-existing medical obstetric risk factors.
  • Women with specific anxieties about labour and birth (tocophobia) can be seen by a consultant midwife.
  • Our diabetic clinic provides specialist care to pregnant women with diabetes.





How to choose us for your maternity care

Please complete our pregnancy self-referral form online.

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Are you in labour?

Please call us on 020 7188 2975 and we will give you advice on when to come in.

The Home from Home (midwife-led unit) reception is open 8am-7pm weekdays and 9am-4pm at weekends.

At other times you will need to go first to the  Hospital Birth Centre who provide reception out of hours.

Problems in  pregnancy

If you experience bleeding, pain or severe vomiting and are more than 18 weeks pregnant contact our maternity assessment unit on:

  • 020 7188 1722/1723

If you are up to 18 weeks pregnant and have problems, please contact our early pregnancy unit on:

  • 020 7188 0864

For emergencies overnight (7pm-8am on weekdays and 5pm-9am at weekends), please call the Hospital Birth Centre on: 

  •  020 7188 2973