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Diagnosing and treating foot problems

About us

Providing treatment for foot disordersThe foot health (podiatry) team is located at both Guy's and St Thomas' hospitals.

Our patients may be outpatients who visit the clinic, or an inpatient on a ward.

The team provides the following services:

  • musculoskeletal assessment/exercise and insole therapy
  • advanced wound prevention and management
  • footwear advice/collaborative working with the orthotist.

Everyone who is referred to our service has an assessment, which we use to draw up a diagnosis and treatment plan. We'll always explain our findings and discuss your options with you.

Main treatments we provide

  • Musculoskeletal assessments

    Also known as biomechanices, musculoskeletal assessments might involve:

    • assessment of gait, walking and orthoses
    • insole prescription and modification
    • stretching and exercise programmes.

    The aim is to restore as near to normal foot function as possible and at the same time limit further problems.

  • Wound prevention and management

    We provide advice and management if there is a risk of a wound developing, or where one has occurred. This may also be called an ulcer.

    Treatments may include a dressing plan, vacuum assisted closure (VAC) therapy, larval therapy and total contact plaster casting.

  • Nail surgery under local anaesthetic

    This procedure usually takes places where there are repeated episodes of the nail sides piercing the toe skin and where there may have been an infection.

    Either the offending piece of nail or the whole toenail is removed. A dressing plan will form part of this treatment.

  • Footwear

    We assess footwear based on the individual patient. Each aspect of fit is checked and patient advice offered. We also decide if insole therapy is required.

    In some cases we will refer you to an orthotist to see if other types of footwear are necessary. For more information, see our orthotics page.

We also provide a placement programme for students and training for qualified podiatrists (foot specialists).

Who can refer to us at our hospitals

We only accept referrals for patients under Guy's and St Thomas' consultant care and from staff within Guy's and St Thomas'. Patients not under one of our consultants should be referred to our community services.



Tel: 020 7188 2449

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