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Laser surgery


We are pleased to offer the most modern techniques in urology, including the holmium laser and green light laser. While the two lasers are fundamentally different and used for different purposes, they can both be a key treatment for a range of conditions.

Conditions treated with laser surgery

Kidney stones

The holmium laser is used to treat kidney stones as it is able to break all types of stone. It does this by a combination of fragmentation and vapourisation.  

Prostate enlargement

Both types of laser can be used for treating enlarged prostates. However, we favour the holmium laser, as it has been shown to have better long-term results, which means avoiding the need for further surgery in the future. The holmium laser can be used to ablate (burn away) or enucleate (core out) an enlarged prostate.

Incision of strictures in the ureter

The ureter is the pipe between kidney and bladder.

Ablation of small bladder tumours under local anaesthetic

This technique is offered particularly to patients for whom a general anaesthetic may be too risky. This technique can be combined with blue light cystoscopy to ensure that all growths in the bladder are treated.

Holmium laser

We most commonly use the holmium laser, which is used to treat all four conditions above.