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Apprenticeships at Guy's and St Thomas'

We recruit apprentices to a variety of areas and job roles. For more information about apprenticeships at Guy's and St Thomas', please email

During 2019/20, Guy's and St Thomas' had 266 apprenticeship starters. This is an approximate 120% increase on the 124 starts in 2018/19 but is still below our annual public sector target of 340.

Find out from some of our apprentices what surprised them most about their apprenticeship.

  • Apprenticeships at Guy's and St Thomas' – video transcript

    My name is Camilla, I used to be a business admin apprentice at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital and I am now a patient access officer.

    The one thing that surprised me about my apprenticeship was I was instantly accepted and treated as if I was a permanent member and it's been excellent ever since.

    More than 15,000 people work at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, up to a hundred of them are apprentices, you can be one of them.

    You'll get a qualification, a job, experience, a wage and lots of training. It's a perfect way to start your NHS career.

    Let's meet the other apprentices.

    My name's Louie, I'm an engineering apprentice. My job takes me all over the hospital, from top to bottom. The one thing I really found surprising about my job was that I never thought my role would have an impact on theatre procedures.

    My name is Daniel and I'm an apprentice in sterile services and I never thought to this day that I'd be learning the names of all the surgical instruments. It's a bit crazy that I'm doing it and I've learnt how to do it but I'm very happy to be here.

    My name is Jessica, I'm one of the apprentice dental nurses. I love my job and I never thought I'd have so much responsibility working closely with the dentist and being part of the patient's care. And I get a qualification at the end of it.

    Camilla: Whatever career you want, an apprenticeship will help get you there. And you won't spend your day making the tea. Apply for an apprenticeship at Guy's and St Thomas', start your NHS career here.


Apprenticeships are designed to give talented people an opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification while completing on the job training with our skilled staff members. 

Apprenticeships last between 12 months and four years depending on the type of programme you apply for.

We have won multiple awards for our programmes, and our apprenticeships are endorsed by our senior leaders.

What you’ll get with us

Strong support

Our apprenticeship teams provide high-quality support to help you with your career journey. You will receive excellent training from our chosen training providers, a chance to network and meet other apprentices on your journey, and a forum for you to put forward innovative ideas to change our services for the better.  Whatever your career goals, you will find help and support to get you where you need to be.

Skilled staff

Our line managers recruit apprentices into real roles while providing support and mentoring for your long-term career goals. Our managers are involved because they want to impact your life in a positive way and help provide you with skills needed to help our patients.

Career opportunities

At Guy’s and St Thomas’, we strive to be the best and want to help you achieve your best too. We offer a wide range of apprenticeships to suit your potential and help you on your journey to a career in the NHS.

We recruit apprentices at different times of the year and pay and conditions are variable.

We currently offer apprenticeships in:

  • business administration level 3 (entry requirements – maths and english, A-C grade or equivalent)
  • dental nursing level 3 (entry requirements – maths and English, A-C grade or equivalent)
  • electrical engineering
  • healthcare science level 2 (entry requirements – maths, English and science, A-C grade or equivalent)
  • hospitality
  • mechanical engineering
  • pharmacy level 3 (entry requirements – maths, English and science, A-C grade or equivalent)
  • project management (capital development)
  • healthcare science practioner level 6 (entry requirements – GCSE A*-C or equivalent in English, maths and double science. A level at grade C or above or equivalent in 2 science subjects, chemistry and biology)
  • operating department practioner level 6 (entry requirements – GCSE A*-C or equivalent in English, maths and science. Level 3 (A level, Access, BTEC) equivalent to 96 UCAS points and completion of care certificate

If you have any queries about these apprenticeships, please email

Find out about the many benefits of working for our Trust.

Case studies

Three staff tell us what it’s like to be an apprentice at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

  • Sonia’s story

    sonia-cardozoName: Sonia Cardozo
    Job title: apprentice patient access coordinator
    Apprenticeship programme and level: level 3 advanced apprenticeship in business and administration

    When I came over to the UK, my plan seemed clear that I would be going into university for a medical degree while working part time. However, my financial status and not being eligible for a loan at that time challenged this dream. I started looking for other alternatives for my career path; that's when I came across apprenticeships and I absolutely loved the idea of working and earning, as well as the concept of learning on the job and studying towards to a qualification. 

    I had heard a lot of positives from my tutor in the way the apprenticeships programme ran at Guy's and St Thomas', the support and opportunities delivered during the journey that really drew me into applying. I also wanted to be a part of such a renowned organisation where values matter and patient care is at its forefront.

    I found my apprenticeship journey really valuable. My placement began with an induction, followed by a week of training on the use of Trust systems and understanding the patient pathways within the NHS. I started off from the basics, eg working in the reception. I also had an assigned buddy to help me learn on the job.

    Once I was confident in performing the reception tasks, I got the opportunity to move around and cover other reception areas within the department. I also undertook experience of working in back office administrative roles, as well as being at the forefront by coordinating clinics. I also got the chance of showcasing my IT skills by undertaking service improvement during my apprenticeship. I found the study days held every two weeks by the tutors really beneficial in being on top of my coursework. All of these experiences helped me to gain valuable skills, shape me as an individual, and discover my potential and progress in my career. 

    My biggest achievement (during my apprenticeship) was winning the 'public service apprentice of the year’ award at the Asian apprenticeship awards 2018. Most importantly, along my journey I gained skills, experience, training and knowledge that has helped me throughout my career path in the NHS. After the completion of my apprenticeship, I undertook a secretarial position within the Trust. I gained a promotion after a couple of months and started working as pathway coordinator. I have progressed since and now work as an assistant service manager for two national specialist services. 

    I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone seeking to kick start their career, gain both a salary and a qualification, and the best thing is without incurring any debt. Apprenticeships have proven to be a great ladder for individuals who are passionate and want to move up in their respective fields. They open doors to participate and represent yourself, your team, department, employer, on amazing platforms such as the national apprenticeship awards and Asian apprenticeship awards.

  • Daniella's story

    daniella-hallName: Daniella Hall
    Job title: apprentice patient pathway coordinator
    Apprenticeship programme and levelbusiness and administration level 3

    I applied for an apprenticeship when I realised attending sixth form was not motivating or benefitting me as a person. The environment demotivated me and I decided looking into an apprenticeship was my next step. I had worked part time in the retail sector for around six months, which allowed me to meet new people, experience new things and work with the public. From working with the public, I gained a feel for helping people which made me want to develop my career working in a public facing job.

    As soon as I applied for this apprenticeship I was supported by all members of staff, this made me feel very comfortable and I was sure this was where I wanted to complete my apprenticeship.

    I chose to apply for an apprenticeship with Guy's and St Thomas' because, after working in retail for so long and helping people, it gave me the satisfaction in helping others and providing the best level of service no matter the environment. I felt that doing an apprenticeship at Guy's and St Thomas' would give me the satisfaction of helping patients.

    I have really enjoyed my journey so far, I have had a lot of support from all members of the team and everyone at Hawk Training. It has been very beneficial working in a full time job, I feel it has majorly boosted my confidence. I have completed all apprenticeship work in a good time period. Work has been set regularly, however, I have been given a reasonable amount of time to complete it. Regular workshops have supported me with my assignments and working in collaboration with other apprentices.

    I feel a lot more confident as a person, I believe this is due to using the phone and speaking to a wide range of people, and also due to working in a large office with over 15 people.

    Daniella's advice for future apprentices

    • Devote a lot of time to completing work to the best level, making it easier to present to examiners at the end of the period.
    • Be very open minded and give yourself time to adapt to new environments.
    • Have an existing plan on how to level out the apprenticeship workload and each day in your working environment.


Apprenticeship vacancies

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Top tips for making the most of your apprenticeship

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