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Guy's and St Thomas' apps

We have a number of apps available for iOS (Apple) and Android.

  • Antimicrobial prescribing app

    Infections appInfections is a new iphone app for antimicrobial prescribing.

    Download the free Infections app on iTunes.

    It has been developed by the microbiology and infectious diseases teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospitals in collaboration with the technology company UBQO Limited.

    Infections provides fast and convenient access to a wide range of clinical guidelines and infection tools without the need for an internet connection.

    Key features:

    • access to both Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital specific guidelines
    • access to both empirical antimicrobial treatment and prophylaxis guidelines
    • key pointers for good antimicrobial stewardship
    • guidance for penicillin allergic patients
    • therapeutic drug monitoring information
    • infection prevention and control guidelines
    • useful contacts (internal users only).

    For support and to report any problems please visit the UBQO support page.

  • Cancer Genetics

    Cancer Genetics, developed by the Clinical Genetics team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust with technology company UBQO, uses personal, family and medical history to assess a person’s risk of inherited cancer.

    Healthcare professionals will use the app to assess a person’s risk and if necessary, refer them directly to specialist cancer genetics services. This means quicker access to genetic counselling and testing, cancer surveillance, and preventative surgery. If the app finds a person is not at risk, they and their family can be instantly reassured.

    Cancer Genetics was funded through Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity’s Cancer Funds and was developed by UBQO Ltd.

    Download the free Cancer Genetics app on iTunes.

    Download the free Cancer Genetics app on Google Play.

    Visit the UBQO website to find out more about the app.

  • Guy's Biobanking game

    The Guy's Biobanking game has been developed to help patients understand what biobanking is and why their consent is so important.

    The game explains the benefits of a biobank, how patients' samples supports research and how Guy's Cancer gains and manages patients' consent to use their samples.

    Download the free Guy's Biobanking app on iOS.

    Download the free Guy's Biobanking app on Android.

    Biobanking game

  • Kids Sleep Doctor

    This free app helps children with sleep problems and their families.

    Designed by sleep experts at Evelina London Children's Hospital with technology company RMA Consulting, the app features an innovative finger-painting technique so parents can fill in their child’s sleep diary by ‘painting’ in the hours.

    Key features:

    • allows parents to understand their child’s sleep patterns
    • track their child's progress
    • receive sleep tips personalised to their child.

    Download the free Kids Sleep Doctor app on iTunes.

  • MedTap medicines advice

    MedTap AppMedTap is a medicines information app, developed by clinicians at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. It offers a wide range of information with short videos on conditions. You can:

    • watch videos developed by NHS clinicians on topics such as heart attacks and atrial fibrillation,
    • get answers to common medication questions – when and how to take your pills, what to do when you have a side effect, how to reorder more pills and the cost,
    • record your medicines, appointments and test results.

    Download the free MedTap app on iOS.

    Download the free MedTap app on Android.

    Visit our MedTap page for more information.

  • Paediatric emergency drugs app

    The paediatric emergency drugs (Paeds Drugs) app combines years of clinical experience in the care of critically ill children with hand-held technology. It was designed and developed by the team at the South Thames Retrieval Service (STRS) and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of Evelina London Children's Hospital.

    Paediatric Emergency Drugs is a simple to use, offline and convenient application to facilitate dealing with clinical emergencies in children. It is useful for nurses, doctors, ambulance crew and everyone who needs key Paediatric Drug data in their pocket.

    Download the paediatric emergency drugs app on iTunes.

  • Patient safety app

    The Patient Safety Manual is a free app that contains more than 50 safety and clinical guidelines, calculates clinical scores and helps doctors keep track of a patient’s progress.

    Created by senior consultants from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, this patient safety manual is an invaluable guide to common clinical situations, such as chest pain, alcohol withdrawal or hypertension, and commonly needed reference material, such as optimum fluid management, common drug doses and clinical scoring systems.

    Key features:

    • alphabetical search
    • bookmarking for even quicker reference
    • commonly used clinical storing systems
    • fluid and electrolyte management
    • common drug doses
    • management of acute presentations
    • electrocardiogram analysis.
  • Thrombosis guidelines app

    Thrombosis guidelines is a free app giving health professionals quick access to the information they need to prevent, diagnose and treat thromboses in adult inpatients. Created by the Professor of thrombosis and haemostasis and the team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, this quick reference tool can help clinical staff administer safe, appropriate anticoagulation to adult patients.

    Key features:

    • initiation of warfarin therapy
    • monitoring and adjustment of warfarin therapy
    • management of unfractionated heparin infusions
    • management of over anticoagulation and reversal of warfarin therapy
    • investigation and management of a suspected deep vein thrombosis
    • venous thromboprophylaxis in medical and surgical patients.

    Download the free Thrombosis guidelines app on iTunes.

    Download the free Thrombosis guidelines app on Google Play.