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Male cardiovascular health clinic

Helping male heart patients with sexual problems

The clinic aims to help male cardiac (heart) patients or those who have cardiac risk factors such as hypertension, hypercholestraemia, diabetes and smoking, who are experiencing sexual problems. This affects a large proportion of cardiac patients, usually as erectile dysfunction, which is where there are problems achieving or mantaining an erection.

The clinic provides a holistic approach to the management of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) or sexual dysfunction (SD), who also have a cardiac condition or cardiac risk factors. The clinic:

  • provides an easily accessible service for patients and their partners
  • involves a thorough cardiovascular assessment
  • estimates and minimises cardiovascular risks
  • assesses and provides effective management of erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction.
  • provides appropriate follow-up to assess whether treatment is working and to help patients lower their cardiovascular risk factors.


Tel: 07900 224 890