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Our health psychology service specialises in supporting patients and their families and/or carers cope with the short and long term impact of having a haematological disorder, including inherited conditions such as sickle cell disease and haemophilia. 

We want to help our patients understand the factors that cause, maintain and worsen their distress, and to help them take control of their situation through psychological interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy. 

In addition to offering individual therapy, our health psychologists:

  • offer support group sessions for patients and their families and/or carers, plus staff groups
  • contribute to team meetings, seminars, teaching and training
  • attend ward rounds.
  • Why have I been referred? 

    We support patients, families and carers cope with the short and long term impact of having a haematological disorder.

    Your health professional has referred you to our service because he or she thinks you may benefit from seeing one of our health psychologists, for example you may be distressed about: 

    • dealing with uncertainty about the future
    • life threatening issues
    • unpleasant symptoms
    • loss of control
    • changes in self image
    • complicated pregnancies
    • difficulties in having children
    • maintaining relationships.
  • Appointments

    Patients undergoing individual psychological therapy (excluding haemophilia patients) are seen by appointment only in one of our clinics.

  • Referrals

    We would encourage you to gain consent from the patient before making a referral. 

    Please address referrals to the health psychology service using the contact information on the general haematology referrals page.



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