Haematological (blood) cancer information for patients

Diagnosing and treating blood cancers


If your GP thinks your symptoms may be due to cancer, you will be given an appointment to see one of our specialists within two weeks.

It is important to remember that the symptoms below can be caused by conditions other than cancer. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should see your GP who may refer you for further investigation.

For more information about the service we provide, see our haematology section.

Common symptoms

  • looking pale, feeling tired and breathless. These are symptoms of anaemia, which is caused by a lack of red blood cells
  • getting more infections than usual, due to a lack of white blood cells
  • unusual bleeding, caused by a lack of platelets which help the blood to clot
  • feeling run down or generally unwell
  • fevers and sweats.

Other symptoms can include bone pain, enlarged lymph glands (lumps in the neck) and kidney problems.

Teenage and young adult (TYA) cancer service

Being diagnosed as having cancer when you are in your late teens or early 20s is always difficult. We are here to help make things easier, both for you and your family.

There are many forms of cancer that develop in people aged 16-24. These include:

  • the leukaemias and lymphomas, including Hodgkin’s Disease
  • testicular and ‘germ cell’ tumours
  • melanoma
  • brain tumours
  • and other cancers that more usually occur in older adults, for example bowel cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer.

You will have already had your diagnosis made by your oncologist or haematologist, and it is this team of doctors and nurses – the tumour site specific team – who are the experts who will treat your particular cancer.

The role of the TYA cancer service is to provide the extra support that you, as a young person, might need to help you cope with the diagnosis, the way it might have disrupted your plans for education, work, and possibly your relationships with your friends.

You will have access to a TYA nurse doctor, dietitian, psychologist, and fertility expert. You will also have access to our social worker and young person's community worker.

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