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Your appointment at the arrhythmia clinic

Diagnosing and treating disturbances in heart rhythm

Coronavirus: Arrhythmia update

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We run clinics everyday at Guy's and St Thomas'. Clinics are held at different locations. Please check which clinic you are due at before coming to your appointment.

Contact us

  • To arrange or rearrange a new outpatient appointment, please call 020 7188 8880 option 2.

  • To arrange or rearrange a follow-up outpatient appointment, please call 020 7188 1022.

  • For admissions, please contact the cardiology admissions office on 020 7188 1079.
  • For pacing or ICD outpatient appointments, please contact the appointments team on 020 7188 1022 / 1014.
  • For pacing or ICD queries, call 020 7401 9249, text/mobile 07770 581 872 or email

Treatments for arrhythmias

ArrhythmiaEffective treatments exist to control or cure most arrhythmias. This may involve reassurance alone or simple medications, or sometimes procedures to destroy areas of the heart responsible for the problem (ablation).

Some patients may benefit from devices such as a pacemaker to treat slow heart beats, or a defibrillator to treat fast heart beats. In certain cases, devices may be used to treat breathlessness caused by a weak heart (heart failure).

ArrhythmiaSometimes, arrhythmias are the first clue that there may be significant heart disease, such as coronary artery disease, that needs treatment.

For the above reasons, it is very important that patients have access to the appropriate medical and nursing staff to ensure timely investigations are carried out, and the correct treatment given.

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