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Children's dental services


Coronavirus: children's dental services update

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please follow our advice before attending the service.

Service overview

Our children’s dentistry department is based at St Thomas’ Hospital.

We are a regional centre for children and young people who need specialist oral healthcare.

Outpatient treatment clinics (local anaesthetic, inhalation and intravenous sedation) are for children with dental trauma, dental defects and oral mucosal diseases.

Children with complex medical problems are seen on the request of their doctor or community dentist, and dental care is shared with their local team.

We provide dental care under general anaesthetic on a day case and inpatient basis.

A limited A&E service is provided for true dental emergencies, restricted to new dental trauma or facial swelling from a tooth abscess.

We are no longer able to accept walk in patients to our emergency dental services. If your child has just injured their teeth or has a facial swelling, please call NHS 111. A dental nurse will assess your child over the phone and, if appropriate, will book them in to be seen.

Please be aware that there will be limited appointments each day and in most circumstances your child will be given an appointment in a dental practice.

Conditions treated

We treat children with:

  • complex medical problems
  • soft tissue conditions (eg problems with the lips, gums, cheeks or tongue)
  • special needs
  • dental anomalies (such as altered tooth structure, shape, size, form and number of teeth)
  • complex dental injuries
  • periodontal (gum) problems
  • extensive tooth surface loss (eg erosion)
  • extensive tooth decay in very young children
  • phobias (where other treatment attempts have failed).

We also treat children who need:

  • surgical removal of teeth that have failed to come through ('erupt')
  • investigation of disorders of tooth eruption and loss.

Our clinics

We work closely with other dental specialities and healthcare professionals in our children's dental clinics.



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