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Blood transfusion services


Blood transfusion is the process of taking blood from one person and giving it to another. 

Our service

The blood transfusion team is responsible for the safety of blood transfusion at our hospitals. We also work closely with the fetal medicine unit to care for pregnant women with certain blood disorders.

If you are losing blood during an operation, or are bleeding, you might need to have a blood transfusion to ensure you have enough blood.

Sometimes if you are receiving drug or radiation treatment this might lower your blood count, so we may also need to give you blood for this.

Before a blood transfusion takes place, we will always explain the reason you need to have it.

If you prefer not to receive blood, please make this clear to all staff involved in your care and we will discuss alternative options with you.

  • Appointments

    If you need to have a blood transfusion, you will be seen in one of our clinics.

  • Referrals

    See the haematology referrals page for more information on how to refer a patient. Patients refusing blood, or those with anaemia, may be referred by their GP or surgeon.

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