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Subspeciality kidney clinics


Coronavirus: kidney and transplant update

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We treat the majority of kidney conditions in our general nephrology clinics at Guy’s Hospital and in our Kidney Treatment Centres. However for some conditions care is best served by concentrating patients into subspecialty clinics. This is often where investigation and treatment is complex or requires close monitoring. By doing this you can be assured of cutting edge treatment delivered by our renowned expert teams.

Subspeciality kidney clinics
NameDetailsFrequencyAppointments contact
Acute kidney injury clinic For patients with a recent deterioration in kidney function for urgent assessment Tuesday afternoons

Bardet Biedl Syndrome (BBS) clinic A highly specialised clinic for adult patients with a diagnosis of Bardet Biedl Syndrome Monthly on a Wednesday, all day (multidisciplinary, coordinated by clinical genetics)

Cystinosis clinic For adult patients with a diagnosis of cystinosis Quarterly on Thursdays (joint with opthalmology)

Cystinuria clinic For adult patients with a known or suspected diagnosis of cystinuria Alternate Fridays (coordinated by urology)

Polycystic kidney disease treatment clinic

For patients with polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) who are being treated with, or assessed for Tolvaptan

Thursday afternoons

Renal glomerular clinic For patients with kidney inflammation on biopsy which can cause significant protein loss in the urine Tuesday mornings

Renal Lupus clinic For patients with Lupus affecting the kidneys (as demonstrated on biopsy) Wednesday mornings (joint with rheumatology)

Renal sickle clinic For patients with sickle cell disease causing significant kidney damage Monthly on Thursday mornings (coordinated by haematology)


Renal tubular clinic For patients with electrolyte abnormalities where a kidney cause is known or suspected Tuesday afternoons

Renal vasculitis clinic For patients with inflammation of the blood vessels affecting the kidneys (as demonstrated on biopsy) Tuesday mornings and early afternoons

Retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF) clinic

For patients with obstruction to urine flow from the kidneys due to inflammation around the ureters.

More information about this clinic is available on the retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF) clinic page.

Monthly on Mondays (coordinated by urology)