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How to refer yourself to Guy's and St Thomas' maternity care

How can I choose Guy's and St Thomas'? 

Midwife with pregnant womanIf you would like us to care for you when you are having your baby, you can choose to do this by completing our pregnancy self-referral form online.

For the best care for you and your baby, we encourage you to self-refer as soon as possible so you can see a midwife and have your early screening tests. Please contact the antenatal booking team on 020 7188 8002 for more information or if you need help with completing the form. 

You will be able to view your maternity notes online (word 68Kb). This is an optional service and if you choose to opt-out at the beginning but then change your mind your midwife can enable at any stage of your pregnancy. 

If you have underlying medical conditions we have a large team of experts at hand to look after you. If you have sickle cell and thalassaemia a specialised service is available to through Evelina London. Visit the Evelina London website for more information.

We will write to your doctor (GP) to inform them that you have booked with us. If you see your GP before booking with us, your GP can refer you. We now ask GPs to submit all referrals and queries via NHS e-Referral Service.

Please note for referrals:

  • use the standard antenatal referral form at the top of the page
  • urgent referrals (eg late bookers) should be marked as such
  • the EDD (estimated date of delivery) and/or LMP (last menstrual period) should be stated on the booking form if possible. You can use an online tool like the mumsnet pregnancy calculator, to get this information.

GP referrals to maternity

Any GP referring a woman for maternity (antenatal) care provided by St Thomas’ Hospital will need use the e-referral system (ERS). Paper/email based referrals are no longer be accepted.

If a woman would like to refer herself she can do this by completing the pregnancy self-referral form online.

Referring pregnant and postnatal women with mental illness

Please see the SLAM perinatal mental health team referral form (Word 312Kb) and perinatal mental health referral guidance (Word 52Kb) produced by the perinatal mental health team (Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham). This is a support service for pregnant and postnatal women with severe and complex mental illness.


How to refer yourself to our maternity services

Complete our pregnancy self-referral form online.

Call us for referral advice

Antenatal: 020 7188 2300

Day assessment unit (for urgent advice during pregnancy): 020 7188 1722 / 1723