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Fetal medicine unit

The FMU is where all antenatal ultrasound scans will take place

The fetal medicine unit (FMU) provides screening services for all pregnant women. The unit also specialises in additional care for those who have previously had a pregnancy with fetal abnormalities or who have issues with their current pregnancy.

What we do 

  1. Screening for chromosomal and fetal abnormalities
    • Combined test: a screening test, including a blood test and scan of the baby, for Down's, Edwards' and Pautau's syndromes. It is available to you between 11 weeks plus two days and 14 weeks plus one day of your pregnancy.
    • Quadruple test: a screening blood test for Down's syndrome. This test is available to you between 14 weeks plus two days and 20 weeks of your pregnancy, and is offered to women who have missed the combined test.
  2. Diagnosis and management of fetal abnormalities – see the NHS fetal anomaly screening programme website
  3. Antenatal diagnosis
    • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS): a test to detect chromosomal or specific genetic disorders. It is available between 11 and 14 weeks of your pregnancy.
    • Amniocentesis: a test to detect chromosomal or specific genetic disorders. It is available from 16 weeks of your pregnancy. 
  4. Ultrasound monitoring of high-risk pregnancies

Our links with other departments

The unit has close working links with both the hospital's antenatal clinic and ultrasound department, which are located next to the fetal medicine unit. It also works closely with other departments in the hospital, such as fetal cardiology, neonatology and genetics

Further information




Problems in  pregnancy

If you experience bleeding, pain or severe vomiting and are more than 18 weeks pregnant contact our maternity assessment unit on:

  • 020 7188 1722/1723

If you are within 18 weeks of pregnancy and have problems, please contact our early pregnancy unit on:

  • 020 7188 0864

For emergencies overnight (7pm-8am on weekdays and 5pm-9am at weekends), please call the hospital birth centre on: 

  •  020 7188 6867

Our research

Read about our research into assisted conception and women's health

Research we support

iFIND: intelligent Fetal Imaging and Diagnosis - finding new technologies that allow scanning to be carried out with multiple ultrasound probes and improved fetal ultrasound imaging through automated image processing.

Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP) - aiming to make major scientific progress by creating the first 4-dimensional connectome of early life.