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PGD timeline


PGD is a complex process, and the timeline can vary depending on the condition and the structure of your family. In general, from referral to embryo transfer, the process can take anywhere from eight to 18 months. A lot of the variation also depends on your natural cycle and fertility level. 

Below are some examples of timelines for certain situations for NHS and self-funded patients. If you are using a sperm or egg donor, or if you require an exceptional funding request, the process may take longer. We can also offer expedited appointments for exceptional circumstances, such as to preserve fertility when being treated for cancer.

At your first PGD appointment, your genetic counsellor will develop a specific timeline which is personalised for your unique situation.

If you wish to discuss the timeline of consultant-led, private PGD treatment, please contact us directly.

A general timeline for PGD


Timeline for PGD for chromosomal rearrangements (translocations)


Timeline for single gene conditions already licensed by the HFEA

Your specialist at your local clinical genetics service can tell you if the condition in your family is already licenced by the Human Fertility & Embryology Authority (HFEA). If the condition is not yet licenced, the PGD team at Guy’s Hospital would be happy to make an application on your behalf provided it meets the criteria.

The application process takes between three to four months, although occasionally it can be quicker or slower. Find more information about licencing.



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