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Staying safe in our hospitals and community sites

Patients and visitors

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Stay safe, keep apart campaign posterWe have a range of safety measures at our hospitals and community sites to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and to keep you safe.

If you are coming for a face-to-face appointment or having surgery you will notice our ‘stay safe and keep apart’ signs which will guide you.

The steps we are taking include:

  • separating or physically distancing as much as possible, where we care for patients who have tested positive for coronavirus or may have symptoms of coronavirus, and where patients are being treated for urgent surgery
  • following national guidance for infection prevention and making sure staff and volunteers are trained in how to limit the spread of infection in hospitals
  • asking patients coming in for surgery to self-isolate and to have a COVID-19 swab test
  • deep cleaning hospital theatres, equipment and wards regularly, in line with national guidance
  • having the right levels of staffing and equipment so that appointments and surgery can take place safely.

You can also read our frequently asked questions about attending our hospitals and community sites for your appointment or surgery.

We are here to keep you safe – watch video

  • Keeping you safe – video transcript

    At Guy's and St Thomas' we've made some important changes to help keep you safe when you visit our hospitals or community sites.

    We're asking everyone to clean their hands immediately when they enter the building.

    Hand sanitiser is available around the building for you to clean your hands more frequently.

    When you arrive we may give you a mask to wear.

    We have reminders around our buildings to 'keep apart' and we have signs to show you where to wait and queue safely.

    We have rearranged our seating so that you can maintain social distancing and we are limiting the numbers of people who can go in the lift at one time.

    Some of these changes may mean that you need to queue at busy times so please leave extra time to get to your appointment.

    When you arrive at your appointment you will be asked if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

    Everyone will wear a face mask when you attend for your appointment and some staff may be wearing additional protective equipment.

    We're keeping things clean, cleaning more often and cleaning frequently touched surfaces with extra care.

    If you are visiting our children's services please help us reduce the number of visitors by only attending with one parent or carer.

    Things may seem different but one thing will always be the same, we are here to give you the best and safest care.

    Visit our website to find out more about what we are doing to keep you safe.


When you visit our sites you will be asked to:

  • Undertake a lateral flow test prior to each visit and be able to provide evidence of this
  • wear a surgical mask (not a cloth face covering). These will be provided at our hospital entrances
  • maintain good hand hygiene – hand gel will be provided at the entrance and at regular intervals throughout our sites
  • Visit only within agreed times
  • follow the signs which will indicate where to wait and queue safely.
  • keep a safe distance from other patients, and from staff where possible.

Depending on where you’re visiting you may also be asked to:

  • show your appointment confirmation before being allowed to enter our buildings
  • follow the one-way system at entry and exit points
  • walk on the left in main corridors
  • use the stairs rather than the lifts if possible. We’re limiting the number of people using our lifts and prioritising those who need them more such as those with disabilities. 

Some of these measures may mean you need to queue at peak times. While we will minimise this as much as possible please be patient and allow extra time to get to your appointment.

If you need more information, please see our services section where more information is available, including the best way to contact us, which may include by email or telephone.

Making our patients feel safe – watch video

We are reminding everyone who visits our sites why it's so important to follow these guidelines to make our patients feel safe.

  • Making our patients feel safe – video transcript

    Over the past year we've all been working really hard to keep our patients and each other safe.

    Some of our patients are extremely vulnerable and often anxious about coming in for their appointments.

    As we start to get busier it's really important that we put our patients first.

    That means wearing your mask properly, cleaning your hands, keeping apart wherever possible and respecting our colleagues who ask you to do this when you enter our buildings.

    We must do everything we possibly can to make our patients feel safe whilst they are here.

    Let's hear why staying safe and keeping apart matters to them.

    I am a patient at the cancer centre here at Guy's Hospital.

    I'm a patient of the dermatology centre.

    I bring my daughter Tilda here for treatment.

    I'm immunosuppressed and I come to the Evelina for my Infliximab treatments.

    Supervising my husband who has a lung disease.

    Because of my medical condition I know I have to make sure I keep safe and I expect people around me to do the same.

    I'm more susceptible to infection and diseases and things like that.

    It is very important to know that he feels secure and protected because he is a very extremely vulnerable person.

    In the first lockdown there weren't very many people but now more people have started to come and even though there are more people I still feel safe due to all the things that the staff have been implementing.

    I noticed people asking people and staff and patients to clean their hands and wear the masks properly.

    It does make me feel better when I see staff wearing masks and using the hand gel and so forth.

    It would be fantastic if they felt that they could challenge maybe those who don't because in and around hospital you do see people who maybe aren't wearing their masks or are wearing them halfway down their face and you know that does, now that it's getting busier, it definitely increases the anxiety.

    If they weren't wearing the protection or the PPE I would have felt vulnerable, I would not have probably continued my treatment.

    I would feel very anxious very upset. Because of my condition I know I have to keep safe.

    Frustrating, because we know what the situation is especially in a place like a hospital.

    I definitely think it's important that people still, you know, keep to the sort of restrictions and things like that because it really does help.

    Please don't cut corners, please obey the rules that'll make me feel safe.

    Be more careful and stick to the rules, and when they are followed it definitely makes us feel like people care.

    Please show you care by cleaning your hands wearing a face mask and keeping apart.

    This is all helping to keep ourselves, our patients, our colleagues and our families safe, so please do all you can.


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