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Working with outstanding colleagues

At Guy’s and St Thomas’ you’ll be surrounded by an exceptional team of supportive colleagues.

Whatever your role, you’ll find them there to help you.

Their skill, passion and pride in what they do will inspire you. Their encouragement will give you confidence. And their dedication and sense of teamwork will help push you to new heights.

Caring for patients is our top priority and our staff often go the extra mile.

Their commitment underpins our success – they reflect the diversity of the communities that we serve.

Watch our film to find out about just one of the inspiring things that our staff have been doing.

Name badges

Bright yellow badges are being worn by our staff so patients and visitors can easily see the names of the staff members they are speaking to.

  • More visible name badges for staff – video transcript

    Sanjeev, eye department matron: We introduced these yellow badges following a patient’s complaint. A patient said that he could not read the staff name and could not remember who they were speaking to. So we felt we had to do something, we are here for patients.

    Bill, patient: Those yellow badges are really really good because they can be seen at a distance. So when you come into a clinic and you don’t know who's who and you see the name of Bill or Ann or Sanjeev, you sort of feel as though you know them and if they talk to you for wee bit, you’re a friend, that’s how it should be I think.

We care

Watch the film which celebrates our staff and everything we care about at Guy’s and St Thomas’. Thank you all for making us who we are.

  • We care – video transcript

    We care about you and making you well

    And we'll pick you back up however you fell

    We're here all year round, all day and all night

    We'll do what we can to make you feel right.

    We're here from day one when the world is brand new

    And we're here at the end helping you through

    We'll tell you our name whenever we meet you

    And we will show our respect in all that we do.


    We care about being the best of the best

    And finding new treatments, this is our quest.

    We train the professionals of today and tomorrow

    And nurture their talent, making sure that they grow.

    We work as a team to make every choice

    And make sure we listen and value each voice.

    We'll do what we can to put you at ease

    And to look for a way to cure your disease.


    We care about keeping you safe while your here

    And if it all gets too much we'll lend you an ear.

    We will strive to meet your every need

    And before doing anything we'll make sure you've agreed.

    We will keep your surroundings clean and neat

    And make sure you get what you'd like to eat.

    We'll try to make sure you travel in style

    And we'll do it all whilst wearing a smile.


    We’ll care for your children as if they're our own

    And be by your side when you're fully grown.

    We'll come to your home if that's better for you

    And care for you there, it's the least we can do.

    We're so proud of our team and all that we are

    And we're proud  to serve patients from near and far.

    We care about caring, it's what we're so good at

    That's why we're all, here it's as simple as that.


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