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Maternity patient leaflets


This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Coping methods in labour

Coping methods for labour that are non-pharmacological include complementary therapies, using the birthing pool, and relaxation techniques.

Diabetes and pregnancy

This leaflet gives information for women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who are pregnant or considering pregnancy.

Expressing your breastmilk

Expressing breast milk for your baby.

First steps in pregnancy

Advice about your physical and emotional wellbeing, lifestyle changes and arranging your care, as well as useful resources and extra support.

Induction of labour

When and how induction of labour might be needed.

Massage for perineal, episiotomy and caesarean scars

Tips and techniques for massaging postnatal scars safely, including episiotomy, perineal tear or caesarean scars, to reduce scar tissue and ease any discomfort or sensitivity after birth.

Maternity assessment unit (MAU) at St Thomas' Hospital

The MAU is a walk-in department for emergency and antenatal care for those more then 18 weeks pregnant. Led by midwives, it also provides emergency care for postnatal problems (for example, raised blood pressure, wound infection or heavy vaginal bleeding) up to 6 weeks after birth.

Pain relief in labour

Pain relief options in labour include Entonox (gas and air), an epidural and a diamorphine injection.

Your first midwife appointment

Your first midwife appointment (also called the antenatal booking) will give you the opportunity to talk about your pregnancy and have some tests. Find out more about what happens during this appointment, and what you'll need to do to prepare.
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Information about caesarean section

About requests for caesarean sections (PDF 67Kb)

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Flu, your pregnancy and you (PDF 381Kb)

Whooping cough and pregnancy (PDF 355Kb)

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Mental health in pregnancy

Postnatal depression

Postpartum psychosis

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Having a baby before 30 weeks: magnesium sulphate as protection against cerebral palsy

Our research

More about our research into assisted conception and women's health

Research we support

iFIND: intelligent Fetal Imaging and Diagnosis - finding new technologies that allow scanning to be carried out with multiple ultrasound probes and improved fetal ultrasound imaging through automated image processing.

Developing Human Connectome Project(dHCP) - aiming to make major scientific progress by creating the first 4-dimensional connectome of early life.