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Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU)

Information for patients staying on the ward and their visitors

Directions: from the main entrance of the hospital, turn left into Lambeth Wing corridor and follow the corridor until you reach the pharmacy. Turn right and follow the corridor to the East Wing. CDU will be on your right.

The Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) is one of the emergency department's supporting units. Patients are admitted directly from the emergency department and its sub units. These patients may require further investigations, procedures and stabilisation before being transferred to the most appropriate ward or hospital or being discharged home. The length of stay is usually four to 24 hours.

The unit cares for a diverse range of specialities and a wide range of patients, such as ear, nose and throat, urology, renal, orthopaedics, plastics, and psychiatry patients. 

General information

  • number of beds: 16, including six individual side rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There are also five acute older person beds and couches.
  • staff: the ward has 33 nurses and eight nurse assistants, including one ward sister and four deputies. The nurse to patient ratio is approximately 1:4/5. The unit is covered by an A&E consultant and doctors. We also have a pharmacist, ward clerk, housekeeping, food service assistant and porter.

Information for visitors

  • In response to coronavirus, we are currently restricting the visiting times and the number of visitors per patient. Please visit the visiting patients page for more information.

  • To the reduce the risk of infection, please do not sit on the beds. A chair can be provided.
  • Flowers are not allowed for infection control reasons.
  • You can use your mobile phone on the ward, but please respect other patients while using it, especially when they may be asleep. Please make sure that it is kept on silent at all times.

Your care on the Clinical Decisions Unit

Our welcome wall

We provide more information about your stay on slides on the wall of your cubicle. The slides explain what to expect during your stay and what will happen on the day you are ready to leave hospital. 

We aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Please ask your nurse for items such as earplugs, an eye mask, hand wipes, toothpaste, a toothbrush and non-slip socks. If you can't see your nurse, please press your bedside buzzer for assistance.

Ward rounds

Ward rounds generally start at 8.30am. The consultant and doctors will see you and together with the nurses plan your care for admission or discharge.

The meeting your ward team page gives more information about the general ward routine.


  • breakfast: 8am
  • lunch: 12 noon
  • dinner: 5.30pm

We have a 'protected mealtime' policy between 12 noon-2pm and 5-6pm, so you can eat without being interrupted. 

Hot drinks are always available from the tea trolley, outside the kitchen. This is free for patients, but we ask visitors to make a small donation. Our catering assistant will also do a tea round in the morning and in the afternoon.  

See our meals page for more information.

Facilities on the ward

The Hospedia (formerly patientline) service by your bed offers a radio that you can use for free and a television, which you have to pay for. It also offers a telephone. The pay machine is on the corridor adjacent to the Admissions Ward. You can also pay by your bed with the operator using your credit card. 

Tell us what you think

We hope your stay is as pleasant as possible. If you or any of your visitors have a question or compliment or concern, please: 


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