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Eating well helps you to recover. We want you to benefit as much as possible from the foods that you eat.

We make all our meals using fresh ingredients in our hospital kitchens. We are proud to hold the Silver 'Food for Life' accreditation. This means all our meals are:

  • nourishing
  • appetising
  • free from additives


Mealtimes vary from ward to ward. Approximate times are:

  • breakfast, 8am to 8.30am

  • lunch: midday to 1pm

  • dinner, 5pm to 6pm

See the relevant ward page for exact meal times.

Hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day. We offer mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

We have a protected mealtime policy. Visitors can stay with you if you need their help to eat or drink. Any tests you need should take place before or after meals. Please let us know if you need help at mealtimes.

If you miss a meal, a snack pack can be ordered for you. Please speak to your nurse or food service assistant about this.

Please speak to a nurse if you:

  • have lost weight recently without trying
  • feel that you are underweight
  • have a poor appetite

They can refer you to one of our dietitians for assessment and advice.


You can choose your breakfast, lunch and dinner from our menus each day.

Our menus include:

  • hot and cold items
  • vegetarian and vegan options
  • range of food from around the world

Please let our nursing staff or your food service assistant know if you have any:

  • food allergies
  • special dietary needs
  • religious requirements

Allergen portal: allergy and nutrition information about our menus.

We cannot reheat food brought in for you. There are microwaves in our retail outlets that you can use. Any food brought in must be in a suitable container and labelled.