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Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer family service


Our hereditary breast and ovarian cancer family service (HBOCFS) treats patients who have inherited an increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer.

We provide screening and options for reducing risk. This includes:

For cancer patients, we look at what your genetic test results mean for your treatment.

Each patient starts with a virtual appointment with a genetic counsellor. You will then come to our 'one-stop' clinic.

What to expect at the clinic

Your first visit to the clinic will usually last about three hours. You can bring a friend or relative for support but only your own risks and options will be discussed.

You will be seen by different specialists for around 30-40 minutes each. All patients see a genetics clinician and a researcher.

The genetics clinician will go through your genetic test result. They will talk about what it means for you and your family, and the best way to share your result with your family.

The researcher will tell you about studies you can take part in and answer questions. If you wish to take part in research, you may be asked to complete a questionnaire and give a blood sample.

Patients may also see other specialists based on individual needs.

You can ask questions during and at the end of your clinic visit and can contact us afterwards.


South east London, Kent and East Sussex

Referrals can be made by GPs, cancer teams or genetics clinicians. Referrals should be made out to Dr Vishakha Tripathi and sent to

Outside of local region

GP referrals can be accepted but we may request your screening and further surgical management is organised by your GP locally.

Referrals should be made out to Dr Vishakha Tripathi and sent to with a copy of your genetic mutation laboratory report, family tree and any recent letters about cancer treatment.


  • Clinic coordinator

    • Stephanie Liddell
  • Breast team

    • Mr Ashutosh Kothari – consultant breast surgeon
    • Mr Hisham Hamed – consultant breast surgeon
    • Ms Marlene See – consultant plastic surgeon
    • Sophie Collett – breast care nurse
    • Natasha Emin-Hassan – breast care nurse
    • Grainne Finnerty – breast care nurse
    • Cassie Kingswell – breast care nurse
    • Hannah Payne – breast care nurse
    • Heather Sales – breast care nurse
    • Catherine Milton – breast care nurse
  • Gynaecological cancer

  • Cancer

    • Dr Angela Swampali – consultant clinical oncologist
    • Dr Andrew Tutt – consultant clinical oncologist
  • Clinical psychologists

    • Dr Clare Firth – clinical psychologist
    • Dr Alicja Kowalski Bellamy – clinical psychologist
  • Research

    • Cherylin Reinholtz – senior genetics research nurse
    • Quincy De Souza – assistant clinical research practitioner
    • Kathrine Hilario – clinical research practitioner