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Your outpatient appointment in the urology centre



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This section is aimed at patients. See the menu on the left for information about staying in hospital and support available. This page explains what you can expect when you come to our:

One-stop clinics

All newly-referred patients are seen in a one-stop clinic, where they can be assessed and have a range of investigations at the same time. This allows most patients to be diagnosed on the day and either be reassured and discharged or offered appropriate treatment. The clinics are held on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

  • What to expect at your appointment

    Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and be ready to produce a urine sample. Straightforward consultations will be over within an hour. If your condition is more complex, it could take most of the morning or afternoon. 

    Our one-stop clinics allow you to have a consultation with a urologist and a range of investigations during a single visit, including:

      • urine tests
      • blood tests
      • x-rays
      • a urinary flow rate evaluation
      • an ultrasound scan of the urinary tract
      • a flexible cystoscopy.

    You may also have a:

    • urodynamic test
    • CT scan.

    We may ask you to have some tests performed before coming to the clinic. If so, we will send you information on this before your appointment.

    As we are a teaching hospital, it's common for us to have medical students observing in clinic room for observation and teaching. If you don't feel comfortable with this, please let the doctors or nurses know.

  • After your appointment

    At the end of the visit, most patients will have received a diagnosis and had their treatment options discussed with them.  If you will need surgery you will meet our admissions officer before leaving the centre.

    Before you leave we can give you a copy of the letter we will send your GP, if you wish.

Specialist clinics

If you already have a diagnosis or have been referred from another hospital, you will usually be seen in one of our specialist clinics at the urology centre.  At this clinic you may see urology specialists as well as specialists for example from oncology or radiology.

Specialist clinics at the urology centre include:

    • andrology clinic
    • bladder cancer clinic
    • catheter clinic
    • cystinuria clinic
    • continence clinic
    • erectile dysfunction clinic
    • flexible cystoscopy clinic
    • intravesical botox clinic
    • kidney and testis cancer clinic
    • intravesical therapy clinic (for instillation of mitomycin, BCG, cystistat and gemcitabine into the bladder)
    • lower urinary tract symptoms clinic
    • prostate cancer clinic
    • retroperitoneal fibrosis clinic
    • urodynamics clinic
    • Von Hippel Lindau clinic.

In addition, the stone clinics take place within the stone unit on the second floor of Tower Wing at Guy's Hospital.

Pre-assessment clinics

If you are booked for surgery, you may be asked to attend one of our pre-assessment clinics. This clinic is designed to streamline your admission by making sure that you are medically fit for the procedure. We can often offer a pre-assesment on the same day as your clinic visit.

You may be asked to have an ECG, blood tests and x-rays.

See our inpatients page if you need to stay in hospital overnight for urology treatment. 

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