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Your dermatology outpatient appointment

Diagnosing and treating skin diseases


  • Guy's Hospital

    3rd floor, Southwark Wing
    Great Maze Pond
    London SE1 9RT

    Guy's Hospital
    Bermondsey Centre
    Ground floor, Bermondsey Wing
    Great Maze Pond
    London SE1 9RT

  • St Thomas' Hospital
    1st floor, Staircase C
    South Wing
    Westminster Bridge Road
    London SE1 7EH


We hold outpatient appointments at both hospitals, so please check which hospital you are due at before setting out.

Please note that the Dermatology Day Centre is now located at Guy’s Hospital

The Dermatology Day Centre has moved from St Thomas’ Hospital to a new facility, the Bermondsey Centre, at Guy’s Hospital.

Located on the ground floor of Bermondsey Wing, the Bermondsey Centre will bring together dermatology, rheumatology, lupus and allergy services in a new treatment and diagnostic facility.

  • Before your appointment

    Please bring with you details of all medications you are taking or have taken in the recent past, either for your skin or for any other condition you may have. This should include prescriptions from your doctor or other specialist, any alternative or herbal remedies and anything you have bought over the counter.

    If you are coming to the skin cancer screening clinic, please allow four hours from the start of your appointment time. This is to allow for any additional tests, such as a biopsy, that may need to be carried out.

  • Cancelling or changing your appointment 

    • new appointments - contact the patient access team by phone or use our online form
    • follow-up appointments - please call the follow-up call centre on 020 7188 3000
  • At your appointment 

    Your first appointment may take up to an hour. We make every effort to see you on time, but delays may occur so please allow plenty of time.

    The clinician will take a full history and conduct an examination. In order to properly assess your skin problem, you may be asked to undress so that all your skin, not necessarily just the area(s) affected, can be examined. You will automatically be offered a chaperone should any intimate area of your body need examination, but in addition, please feel free to request a chaperone at any other time for any or all of the consultation.

    It may be necessary to do additional investigations during your appointment including blood tests, skin sampling and/or skin biopsy. In these circumstances you will be provided with further detailed information.

    The person you see may not be the clinician named in your appointment letter but will be a member of their team. As this is a teaching hospital, undergraduate and/or post graduate students, supervised by fully qualified staff, might be involved in your care. This does not affect the quality of your treatment, but does give valuable training to the students. If you have any objection to this please speak to the nurse in charge of the clinic. This will not affect your care in any way.

  • After your appointment 

    If the doctor/nurse decides you need treatment, you will be given a letter for your own family doctor explaining which medicines you need prescribed.

    Medicines will only be dispensed from the hospital pharmacy if treatment is needed as an emergency, or if your own doctor cannot prescribe the suggested treatment.