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Your appointment with the Brixton foot (podiatry) surgery team

Community foot surgery services based in Brixton

Clinic location

How do I get an appointment?

You can be referred to our service via your podiatrist, GP or a consultant. We also accept referrals from private podiatry practices.


Clinics are held in day surgery, Monday to Thursday, at the location shown at the top of this page.

  • Cancelling or changing your appointment 

  • Before your appointment 

    At your first appointment, please bring with you:

    • a list of any medicines you are currently taking
    • the name and address of your GP
    • any reports or letters you may have regarding your problem, eg: x-ray or ultrasound reports.
  • What to expect at your appointment

    At your first appointment you will be seen by a member of the podiatric surgery team. A review of your medical history will be made in order to assess your suitability for day surgery.

    Your problem will be assessed and treatment options will be discussed with you. Options for treatment may be surgical or non-surgical.

    We may need to carry out investigations to form an accurate diagnosis of your problem. This could include x-rays, MRI scans, ultrasound scans or blood tests. If necessary, any investigations will be requested during your first consultation.

    A second appointment will be booked to discuss your investigation results and the treatment options that are available for your condition.

  • After your appointment

    Once your condition is diagnosed, an information sheet will be given to you so that you can consider the surgical treatment/s available for your condition. If you wish to proceed with surgery, we will offer you an appointment.

    We will also send a letter to both you and your GP detailing your diagnosis and surgical plan.


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